Review: Trained for Seduction

Trained for Seduction
Trained for Seduction by Mia Downing

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Now this is what I call a sweet romance! Kate aka Emma and Chase are a very cute couple. This romantic suspense was pretty good in the romance department. The smexy scenes of the two getting it on were very hot. I liked it! This is definitely a kinky good read for those who enjoy the romantic suspense genre.

The character building in this story was good for me. While I couldn't really sympathize with Kate, I could empathize and I liked her. She was pretty cool and who doesn't like a woman who knows how to handle explosives? I'm impressed. The languages she could speak are a total turn on too. It's nice to have a smart lead female character who isn't exactly perfect, but she's pretty darn amazing.

The duo Chase and Jake are pretty good too. Chase is a conflicted character and his relationship with his uncle/father figure is messed up. I feel badly for Chase. I do like his relationship with Jake and how they cover for each other. Jake is a sexy friend and he's so nice. I look forward to the next story in this series which features Jake.

So, it comes down to the world building. I have to admit, it's probably me, not the author, Ms. Downing. The first few chapters were difficult for me to believe. It's because these characters are so young and the secret covert ops was a bit far stretched. I'm becoming more critical of these tropes when set in a contemporary setting. This is because I've recently joined a military group where I'm learning more about the armed forces and LEO in the States. This set up is not believable. However, if I suspend my disbelief and go with the story, it's really good. The conflict and the mission while a bit out there, is still well written and flows.

Overall, this is very enjoyable romantic suspense with engaging characters. The romance and the kinky sex really did it for me. I recommend this book to all kinky romantic suspense lovers. Ms. Downing is an author to watch.

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