Review: Uncle Charles' Girls

Uncle Charles' Girls
Uncle Charles' Girls by Anne Randolph

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Young women treated like young girls? Forced to have a strict governess and also be spanked and birched? How can I not like this book? Well, the book was decent. The first half of the story was too slow for me. I really wanted to skip to the good parts where the spanking commenced.

Clara and Louise are related loosely, not through direct blood. Due to a series of unfortunate deaths, they end up with Louise's older 1/2 half brother taken them in as his wards. They figured they'd have Charles wrapped around their finger. Not so. Charles believes in domestic discipline and does he love to spanking and birching women.

This story was kinky hot and enjoyable. I really only enjoyed the last half where there was not only spankings but forced anal sex. Yummy. Chloe, pulled into Clara and Louise's shenanigans was a much chastised wife. The story ends right as it gets good.

Apparently, the follow up book to this has more tasty sex mixed with the discipline. That's what I want to read. I also enjoy the forced childish dressing. I hope they keep the governess for the girls because it amuses me greatly for them to be humiliated in this manner. Recommended for spanking enthusiast who also enjoy a little bit of ageplay.

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