Review: A Very Demon Halloween

A Very Demon Halloween
A Very Demon Halloween by Evanne Lorraine

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Dragons are one of the hottest shifters and I adore them. A paranormal romance book with a dragon shifter plus BDSM is a must read. In this third Hunters book, Duec, the leader of the hunters, finally reveals his demon type. He’s actually not a demon but a dragon. But wait, there is more. He’s a dragon king.

This hot dominant dragon Duec wants something he thinks he can not have - Belinda. Belinda is a Domme in his exclusive BDSM club, La Ceinture Noire. This club cateers to the paranormal kind and still lets in humans for fun. He’s watched the traumatized half-elf female grow into a sexy Dominatrix. Belinda is in love with Duec since he rescued her from the goblins. Growing up under his watchful eye, she doesn’t think she’ll have a hope to be his submissive. Then again, can she submit to him when she’s a dominant?

Ms. Lorraine does a lovely job adding more pieces to this world she’s created. It’s a magical world filled with demons, elves, witches, goblins and a dragon. The added kinky twist is an erotic delight. This is a smooth and easy read with smexy D/s scenes. The tasty forced m/m under Belinda’s control is a nice touch. The images of decadent gothic dungeons and castles make the story richer.

The conflict in this story is believable if predictable. The mating bond is also expected and provides the desired happily ever after. This fairy tale romance with an icy Domme submitting to an Alpha Dom is sweet and very enjoyable. The BDSM is light and just right for those who want their paranormal romance to kick it up a notch. This shifter romance is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy mating bonds and strong Alpha males.

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