Review: The Angel's Fall

The Angel's Fall
The Angel's Fall by Rebecca Leigh

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is more a 2.5 star book for me. Since I truncate, it will show up as 2 star. The review site I work will probably round up.

The Romance Review

What happens when a son of God falls for a son of man? Michael is an angel who stands watch over the world for centuries. He's been following a soul which touched him in the past. Unable to resist anymore, Michael falls from the heavens to chase after this seductive soul. His choice between the love of one soul versus the love of his God is not a light one to make.

Darcy is the current body for the soul. Although their meeting is abrupt, the connection they feel cannot be denied. This story moved very fast and felt almost as if it was narrated to the reader. The images were clear yet the story didn't move me. It is perhaps the reinterpretation of biblical beings which did not still well with me. This has more to do with the reader than the author. This is why the story is closer to a 2 star than a 3 star for me.

Still, this fanciful light story is a sweet Christmas tale. This m/m romance is recommended for angel lovers.

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