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Christmas Magic
Christmas Magic by Pelaam

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Elves! I love elves and not those bloody Keebler elves. Those cookie makers are dwarfs, maybe gnomes, but definitely not elves. In Pelaam's CHRISTMAS MAGIC, Mitchell the electronics guy at a department store meets Linwood. Linwood is one of the seasonal "Christmas elves" in the toy section.

Mitchell's dreams have been crushed by his wandering no good boyfriend. Then he meets Linwood, who breathes new life into Mitchell's desires and aspirations. This is a feel good story where the elves give the "gift of believing". Believing in one self and to make a positive change in one's life is a lovely sentiment and very enjoyable. Of course the sexy scenes in here didn't hurt.

Pelaam's characters are engaging. The story voice is entrancing. The fae world where Linwood exists is interesting and I wish there were more details. Hopefully, there will be another story in this world. Pelaam is a new to me author who I'm going to keep my eye on. I recommend this Christmas story to m/m lovers who want a feel good book with a sweet happily ever after.

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