Review: Cutting Cords

Cutting Cords
Cutting Cords by Mickie B. Ashling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Please just slice me now. Oh the internal turmoil Sloan experiences cut me to a quick. My good friend, Dee Wy, did NOT mention this book contained cutting. It's a touchy subject for me since I'm a recovered cutter. I don't think any book as come as close to what cutting meant for me as this book did. I cried when I read how Sloan felt about himself.

Ms. Ashling did a marvelous job at capturing the essence of why some people cut themselves. I completely sympathized with Sloan. I can understand why he cut himself and also know he is no painslut. The BDSM part to this book was interesting. Personally, I found Max to be a bit predatory yet in a seductive and okay way. I'm glad he ended up being a good guy. Still, his misunderstanding of Sloan caused me a bit of fury. Since I've tried impact play to replace the cutting when I was younger and learned quickly it didn't do it for me, I could easily predict Sloan's response.

Cole is another character I understand and this time, empathize. To loose one's sight is a complete horrifying thought for me. For Cole, it's a complete game changer. (No pun intended.) His response to it and how he interacts with his family and friends is better than I actually would have anticipated. His interaction with Sloan was maddening at times.

What confused me about this story was how quickly it resolved. One minute Cole and Sloan were just "coming together" and then it's a happily ever after. What just happened? *blink blink* This book is highly recommended to m/m readers who enjoy angst and a coming out of the closet theme. The kinky BDSM is just a bonus.

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