Review: Intimate Intervention

Intimate Intervention
Intimate Intervention by Sara York

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

When two happy lovers find a possible third, it's too good to be true.

Matt and Tom love each other deeply. They enjoy an additional lover to add spice to their life. It hasn't always worked out but this time, it looks the hottie upstairs may be the one. Both of them are very attracted to James, their new neighbor, and James is turned on by both of them.

Unfortunately, James is from a family that not only doesn't condone homosexuality, they actively try to eradicate it. The conflict in this story is sad. A family member who raised and loved James becomes brutally violent. While this is a fictional story, this situation is no stranger in the real world. And this is what is sad. Ms. York does an excellent job capturing the worst of the haters against homosexuality. Add in a ménage, this is more than the narrow minded family member can take.

The question is, will this be too much baggage for Matt and Tom? This isn't their first time with contentious family members. Is James worth the trouble? The sex is definitely very hot between the three men. Is it enough to balance the negative? When violence breaks out, Matt and Tom's concern and love for their new friend overrides any issues they had.

This is an enjoyable story with a bit of horror, great sex and sweet romance. This story is recommended for m/m readers who enjoy a bittersweet happily ever after.

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