Review: Irresistible Impulse

Irresistible Impulse
Irresistible Impulse by Nona Raines

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Speed dating is meant to for people to meet the right "one". Initial impressions are important. It helps if the first contact was in a restaurant where both parties are interested, but never had the chance to catch each other's name.

Tania Talcott is now thankful for losing a bet that forces her to attend the speed dating. Tania bumps into her delicious eye candy again. She's not going to let her go this time, without at least getting her name. Tania pushes her way into partnering up with Latisha rather than allow the next guy to talk her up.

This happenstance reunion is a win for both Tania and Latisha. The reader is treated to a sweet beginning of a lovely f/f relationship. It's sexy to see two women hitting on each other, especially when one is nervous. It is even more amusing when they are both at a dating service for heterosexual singles – looking for a man.

Ms. Raines writes a light contemporary romance that is enjoyable and fast to read. The insecurity of one woman is a nice touch when introducing conflict. The way her anxiety with dating another woman was overcome added a realistic edge which hints at a happily ever after. It would be nice to see a bit more into this budding f/f relationship. The story is more of a teasing foreplay that barely gets us to first base. While it would be nice to hit a homerun, it would not have been realistic. Still, perhaps getting to second base with a second follow up date would increase the pleasure of this book. This short smexy romance is recommended for f/f lovers.

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