Review: Letting Go 2: Stepping Stones

Letting Go 2: Stepping Stones
Letting Go 2: Stepping Stones by Michele Zurlo

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

A second honeymoon on an all-inclusive island with a BDSM theme, how can this go wrong?

Sabrina is surprised by a birthday gift from her husband, Jonas. He gives them a chance to enjoy a second honeymoon in an adult resort designed for those in the lifestyle. Since Sabrina enjoys role-playing and a bit of kinky bedroom D/s, this is a big step. In addition, she has the usual critical self-esteem issues. What does she do? She immediately rejects the gift and pouts.

Jonas is the perfect loving husband. He is a Dominant who sees a need in his submissive wife that isn't addressed. Even though the story is told mostly from Sabrina's point of view, the reader will tend to empathize with Jonas. Jonas does everything he can to turn on his wife and seduce her. He is a Dom who believes in seducing his submissive into submission. His thoughtfulness and caring just makes me melt. His skills in impact play and bondage make him very attractive.

The BDSM scenes in this story were hot. They were enjoyable and pretty accurate to those in the lifestyle. The role-playing was sexy. Jonas' D/s style was divine. The BD parts were particularly tasty. Ms. Zurlo writes good bondage/restraint scenes. Even the conflict in this book was believable and resolve in a manner which was satisfying.

Why then is this book rated a 3 star? It's based on Sabrina. I hated Sabrina. Sometimes a character just kills the story for me. This story was brought down by Sabrina's mental issues. I'm not saying she's in need of therapy or she's crazy. What I'm saying is that she's too focused on herself and she doesn't really submit. The story demonstrates this quite well and that's probably what Ms. Zurlo wanted to show. It grated on me because I wanted to slap Sabrina out of her sullenness. She refuses to communicate and places the blame on Jonas. Her contrary responses are annoying to me. Her vanity about her breasts and stretch marks seem so superficial. Sabrina's bratty responses to Jonas make me wonder why he even wants her. I didn't read their earlier courtship in a previous book, so perhaps this is what is causing me to not understand Sabrina. If Sabrina doesn't want Jonas as a Dom, there are plenty of submissive women who would love to take her place.

This book is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a loving Dom.

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