Review: Needing A Little Christmas

Needing A Little Christmas
Needing A Little Christmas by Silvia Violet

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Need a little affirmation of being worthy? When a sexy mountain man shows up to rescue Eli in a freezing cold cabin, this Christmas is starting to look up.

Eli is a writer who's been jilted by his lover in a crass manner. Feeling despondent, his mother convinces him to take a little winter break in a family friend's cabin in the mountains. Scatterbrained Eli doesn't pay attention to the weather or verify what supplies he needs in the cabin. Trapped in a snowstorm, Eli's relaxing winter vacation is not going well.

Mac saves Eli from the cold and starvation. Mac is just what Eli needs to bring him out of his funk. This Christmas-themed story is sweet and enjoyable. Ms. Violet creates a heartwarming romance story. Both characters are engaging. The conflict is easily all too believable. The sex between Mac and Eli is sensual and steamy. Who needs firewood to heat up the cabin? Between Mac and Eli, there is plenty of heat.

This m/m romance is recommended to holiday lovers who enjoy a sweet sensual romance.

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