Review: New York to Dallas

New York to Dallas
New York to Dallas by J.D. Robb

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eve is back and the tie ins to her past are mind blowing for me. Ms. Robb does another excellent job in her romantic suspense. I'm always impressed by how thorough Ms. Robb writes her mysteries. The clues and police work are always so thorough. It is interesting to see how much Eve has changed in her hard stance with using Roarke. We now see her using him more and more, not exactly a crutch, but definitely an advantage no other cop has.

The pain and agony Eve goes through with her nightmares is sad. It moves me because I understand her nightmares completely. I can more than empathize; I can sympathize. Ms. Robb capture's Eve's dilemma very well. Why does she feel joy at the killing in the dreams? It's not wrong and Mira does a great job in explaining to Eve.

This story is more personal for Eve than several of the recent ones. This made the book better for me. For a delusional psychopath, Issac McQueen to face off with Eve, that was pure enjoyment. It's nice to have villains who are not dumb. They do make mistakes, but it's more of a challenge and makes the story more thrilling.

The Roarke element in this story is steady as always. Love the man! He's rich and loving. It just makes a girl wish that a man like this truly exists. I can totally understand the allure. Roarke once again proves he's the husband of the year. This romantic suspense book is recommended to romance readers who enjoy a kick butt heroine and a strong supporting lover.

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