Review: A Not-So-Straight Christmas

A Not-So-Straight Christmas
A Not-So-Straight Christmas by TN Tarrant

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Two men snowbound in a resort could lead to secrets revealed.

Sam owns the resort lodge where Morgan works as a bartender. Both men have a history which isn't pretty. Both stories are painful and make me question what kinds of people exist in this world. As a result of their bad experiences, both are very discreet and noncommittal about their private lives. With nothing else to do, these two men finally share their story with each other.

It was sweet how they both danced around trying to figure out if either one of them are gay or not. What really made it for me was how the characters were designed. Both Sam and Morgan have been burned badly in their past life. Yet they are not victims. They are survivors. When these two come together and open up, it's like Christmas morning when children rip into their presents. There is a sense of joy and happiness that can't be contained.

TN Tarrant tells a great story with heartwarming details. This Christmas tale is recommended to m/m lovers who feel vindicated when good triumphs over evil.

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