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Pleasing the Colonel
Pleasing the Colonel by Renee Rose

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What happens when a destitute lady without a man in her life to support her is forced to find a job? Sometimes good things. Every time I read a historical novel, I shudder at the hopelessness of aristocratic women. They are really just show ponies who can't do a lick of anything. Without a man, bad things can happen. I'm rather relieved I'd be either a peasant or petite bourgeoisie. I digress.

In this erotic historical romance, Amanda Downy lies about her work experience so she can find a job as a governess. It's hard to just start working, isn't it? Even in today's society, without work experience, it's hard to find a job. Still, Amanda perseveres and finds a job with some "false" background. (As a side note, many people lie on their resumes about their education and work experience in current day. I see that this is no different regardless the century.) Amanda aka Mandy is thrown for a loop when her employer returns home and finds out about her deceit. Let the spankings commence!

There have been some debates about the historical accuracy of this situation. Regardless of accuracy, this is a hot little read. The Colonel is an imposing man who is the head of household. I find this attractive and sexy. The fact that he metes out bare bottom spankings makes him all the more seductive to me. This is a pretty light domestic discipline story which is sweetly erotic with just enough romance in it. Ms. Rose does a good job of intertwining the DD and romance into this short story. Her writing voice is light, humourous and at times funny snarky. I recommend this erotic historical romance to kinky readers who enjoy a bit of spanking discipline.

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