Review: A Puppy for Christmas

A Puppy for Christmas
A Puppy for Christmas by Karly Maddison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Tossed aside like yesterday's garbage, Matt's Christmas holiday season starts out in the dumps. His sexy hot model boyfriend, Jason leaves him for an annoying twink. Matt is one kicked little puppy.

In this shifter world, cats and dogs may get along, but they don't last as lovers. Jason's catting around definitely hurt Matt. While it's all looking down for Matt, his hot alpha neighbor, Chase, is pretty happy. Because now, Chase can get to know Matt in an intimate manner.

This story is a sweet and short read. The main characters Matt and Chase are easy going guys. When the shifter shape of Chase is revealed, all sorts of dirty depraved thoughts may run through the reader's mind. Unwanted puppy Matt now has a new "owner" and he's more than enough to keep Matt happy.

This cute m/m is recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy a bit of Christmas spirit.

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