Review: Rocky Mountain Christmas

Rocky Mountain Christmas
Rocky Mountain Christmas by Michael Barnette

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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A winter blizzard storm brings two magical men together in the snowy mountains of Colorado.

In ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS, Cooper and Alejandro's initial meeting gets off to a very rocky start. Cooper is a ranger in the Rockies and he's been burned by crazy photographers unprepared for the wintery weather. Armed with the information that Alejandro is from Florida, Cooper is irritable and condescending when he first checks up on him.

Cooper's attitude quickly turns around as it is apparent Alejandro is more than capable of taking care of himself. In addition, his photographs are awe inspiring. Alejandro finds the sexy Cooper to be too abrasive which is a shame. Cooper does his best to overcome his negative first impression since he is very attracted to a Latino man.

The sex in this story is sexy and slightly kinky. It's mentioned several times Cooper loves a Latino Dom. Other than pitching, Alejandro doesn't exhibit much Dom behaviour. Sure, he likes to call Cooper "boy", but there isn't any D/s, BD or SM involved. Now if the sexy scenes for the two snowbound men involved a bit of tying up, spanking and orgasm denial, then it would certainly kick up the kink. As it was presented, I categorize this tale as SugarKink.

The plot of the story is straightforward and simplistic. It's sweet and the switching between the points of view gives the reader insight to both characters. Both men are regular people with an added magical oomph. The witchery and precognitive abilities gave this story an added twist which is needed in order for the story to work. It helped make the story more enjoyable.

This wintery Christmas story is recommended for m/m romance lovers who enjoy a steamy snowbound sexfest.

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