Review: Snowflakes and Strangers

Snowflakes and Strangers
Snowflakes and Strangers by Annabelle Jacobs

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Ethan is a nurturing lover who remembers all the little details to make his boyfriend, Alex, happy. This Christmas they will return to the lodge they went to last year and enjoyed so much. Unfortunately, Ethan's heart is ripped apart when Alex leaves him for another man. Ethan is now stuck going on a Christmas vacation by himself.

What is worse than going on vacation by oneself? Going on a Christmas vacation with other couples and showing up as only half of a couple. Ms. Jacobs creates an all-too-realistic situation and it looks to be a train wreck. No one wants to be a third wheel. To be the single person with three other couples is a nightmare. Fortunately, one of the couples brings an additional guest, Riley.

Reunited with Ethan, Riley is excited to get to know Ethan better this Christmas. Last Christmas, he couldn't compete with Alex. This was a sweet read with Riley helping Ethan heal from his heart break. This story moves at a smooth and even pace. The images of the lodge and a winter wonderland evoke Christmas spirit. This romantic m/m story is recommended to readers who want a happily ever after.

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