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Spider Bight
Spider Bight by Tymber Dalton

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The Romance Review

A matriarchal society where men service the women in all manners, including sexually, is the destination for their ship. The planet's, Kal'moran, biggest revenue is for rich women to vacation in the luxurious resort filled with male sexual submissives. Where is this planet? How do I visit for a relaxing two week vacation?

To keep diplomatic relations, Emi Hypatia pretends to be the one in charge of the ship Tamora Bight. Aaron, Caph, and Ford all have to defer to Emi during their emergency tow of a Kal'moran ship back to their home planet. While the men grumble about this turn of events, they go along with it.

Once the Tamara Bight crew land on the planet, it's pretty clear, they are far out of their depth. The tour of the planet's facilities is out of this world. Ms. Dalton goes into great detail to describe how this planet functions under a matriarchy. The reader is treated to some hot sexual slavery. Is it really slavery if this is the norm for the society? There are no free men. All men are owned in one manner or another.

Some of the highlights of Emi's tour of the planet include a front row seat to men being reamed by other men in the ass for pleasure and reward. The reader is also treated to a window seat of feral men being mounted by fertile women wishing to breed. An amusing taboo for the females in this society is anal sex for women. This is the worst punishment ever – for a woman to take it up the ass from a male. Another terrible punishment is to give a man a blow job. These acts are horribly disgraceful for women and any woman condemned to these deviant acts would become socially outcast.

Ms. Dalton's tongue in cheek humour in this book will cause the reader to chortle in glee. The predictable conflict in this story is believable - thou shalt not covet another woman's man. This is how Emi feels when a spoiled princess demands to sexual use of Aaron. Emi's angry refusal pisses off the Kal'moran woman. The Kal'moran uses trickery to steal Emi's three husbands. Emi fights back. If Emi looses this fight, she will lose all three of her men. The conflict is resolved in a manner which satisfies any vengeful female defending her mates. The result is deviously depraved. This kinky book is highly recommended to ménage lovers who enjoy a bit of sexy femdom.

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