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Stars & Stripes
Stars & Stripes by Abigail Roux

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The Romance Review

The odd couple - Zane and Ty are back again! This is a must read. Recommendations usually come at the end of the review, but for this book, it needs to be up front. BUY THIS BOOK NOW. In the latest installment of the closet couple, their relationship is put to the test. The readers finally meet Zane's family. What is so bad about them that it took this many books to finally meet them?

Sadly, it was Zane's mother. She is a trip. This installment is all about family and acceptance, or in this case - intolerance from a certain family member. Ms. Roux continues to develop these well beloved characters by revealing more of their past. How Zane came to be the way he is now, it's a journey that the reader finally is given more destination points to follow along. Now the reader can connect the dots and gasp with "Oh no! How horrible! How sad! How can this be?"

While the reader learns to love Zane more, a mystery is still here to solve. Zane's father's been shot and it's up to Zane to figure it out. He's trying his best, yet he needs his partner. Tasmanian Devil Ty whirls in to help Zane out. The suspense part of this story is absolutely awesome. It captivates the reader. Each time when we think we have it nailed down, Ms. Roux adds another twist. This is something I enjoy very much. I like to be surprised and not know what will happen next. Ms. Roux leads us down a merry path with a fun little chase.

There are so many parts to this story I adored. One of them is Ty's relationship with the tigers in the Wild Life Sanctuary. Ty's fear of wild cats is understandable since he was basically kitty kibble in a previous story. Ms. Roux's description of his phobia is spectacular. It makes Ty that much more loveable and human. When she flips it around and has Ty fall in love with the tigers hosted in the sanctuary, it melts my heart. Ms. Roux does an excellent job of bringing all these seemingly odd threads together into a cohesive pattern.

Another part which I adored was Chester's contribution to Zane and Ty's relationship. Chester's wily ways is a hoot. He's that crotchety old grandpa no one can control or know what will come out of his mouth. Still, Chester possesses a heart of gold. This story is recommended for romance lovers who can't get enough of struggling relationship, which is so good. This is a must read. I repeat, buy this book now!

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