Review: Stygian's Honor

Stygian's Honor
Stygian's Honor by Lora Leigh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After 20 plus books in this series, how does an author infuse excitement back in? By adding new twists! In Stygian's Honor, the reader is treated to Native American lore. This was enjoyable and Ms. Leigh dropped plenty of clues for the ending.

Liza Johnson is an admirable female lead. She can kick butt and she doesn't allow people to push her around. Her interaction with her father, uncle and the Breeds is amusing. She fights for every little bit of independence.

The requisite mating bond as well as the denial of the bond is present as always. The hot smexy sex scenes still steam up the story and are arousing. With this new set of four characters, I'm expecting at least another couple of books. Hopefully Ms. Leigh will tie up a few story-lines. How will Amber be fixed? What game are the Coyotes playing? When will we finally have Cassie's story? Will this series ever conclude?

The one odd thing in the storyline which threw me was the reference to illegal weapons. In this world, apparently guns are illegal in the US. This was not something mentioned in the previous books so it really stood out. What happened in this timeline that suddenly a Glock is a restricted weapon?

Overall, this was an enjoyable book which can be read in one sitting. Recommended for the Breed lovers who want some smexy steamy sex and a devoted alpha male mate.

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