Review: Sweet Redemption

Sweet Redemption
Sweet Redemption by Melinda Barron

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another great glitterkink read! Ms. Barron is now my go to glitterkink writer. Her BDSM scenes are awesome hot. AND she has pretty hot BDSM private clubs. It doesn't hurt that the men are rich. These are my happy feel good books.

In this latest book, it continues where the last one ended. Helena, Harper's missing sister is trying to recover from her traumatic time. I really enjoyed how this book was written. Yes, Helena was a victim, but the book demonstrated how her lack of judgment led her to this situation. It's not that we are "blaming the victim". We are showing how mistakes and lack of good judgment can land someone into a situation that isn't good. I applaud Ms. Barron for this tough message.

In addition, we get to see how flogging and the SM parts of BDSM are not always used as punishment. For a submissive who craves and enjoys pain, impact punishment doesn't work for them. Ms. Barron shows the reader some creative and torturous punishments. I like it! I giggled with glee for some of the edging and anal punishments. Hawt hawt hawt! This is another fast and enjoyable read by Ms. Barron. I recommend it to kinky readers who want a feel good lighter side of kink.

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