Review: Wildcat

Wildcat by Cheryl Brooks

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Returning to the delicious joy giving Zetithian males, Jerden is the latest main character in this series. Jerden is a troubled male who worked in a brothel yet can't get his dick up anymore. A brutal murder of his "fluffer" turned him of sex work for a long time. Resting in Terra Minor, Jerden's friends hopes he will come out of his depression.

Sara Shields is a frontier woman who loves horses. Ms. Brooks does a great job detailing horses and making this quite authentic. It's clear, Ms. Brooks knows horses and she writes a Sara as a definite horse fanatic. Sara prefers horses to men due to her one bad experience.

Most people experience something bad in their life. Some are survivors who move on. It is sad that both Jerden and Sara are not survivors. Instead, they are victims paralyzed by a single event. Jerden's lost of his home planet and his family did not seem to impact him as much as the death of his fluffer. This I found rather odd, especially since Jerden did not even love his fluffer. Still, who knows what will make a person lose it?

The interaction between Sara and Jerden is amusing. Their initial awkwardness is cute. Their love of animals helps them bond and become a bit more familiar. Their quick change from indifference to passionate lovers was a bit odd for me too. Still, Jerden is sex on a stick and voted best lover three years in a row. How can any woman resist him? Plus he freely gives the very addictive and mind blowing snard.

This story is a smooth and sweet read. It's easy to read in one sitting with no big surprises. The cameos from previous characters is a lovely little tie in. This erotic romance novel is recommend for romance lovers who enjoy a feel good happily ever after.

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