Review: Bare Bottom Resort

Bare Bottom Resort
Bare Bottom Resort by Diane Turner

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is this Hedonism II in Jamaica? Bare Bottom Resort is an all inclusive with a kinky little twist. It’s a resort with a fun sans clothing dress code policy. Jack is taken off guard as he didn’t realize it was this type of resort. Jack is a busy single dad working long hours and tired out. His lovely daughter sends him off for some rest and relaxation, not realizing the resort offers some adult fun.

Jack wastes no time to dive into the fun. Within a few hours he’s hooking up with a sexy stranger. This story is a delightful little trip for voyeurs and swingers alike. When people fantasize about hot vacation sex, this book captures it perfectly. Ms. Turner does a good job keeping the focus on Jack and his freeing experiences. There is little conflict in this book. The conflict which does arise is fortunately massaged away in a manner that is both believable and amusing. This book definitely finishes in a “happy ending”. This erotic short story is recommended for kinky readers who wonder what may happen in an all inclusive adult resort.

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Oooooh, sounds like my type of book.
Why is there no edit button? Grrr

So, what I was trying to say was that while I was reading this book, all I could think about was my swinger friends. I thought this would definitely be a place they would vacation in a heartbeat!
There are swinger resorts. One day we'd like to try one out.
There is one not too far from my home in Indiana. I believe it is called Serenity Springs.

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