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Big Sky
Big Sky by Kitty Thomas

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Veronica aka Ronnie is an advertising executive who is shallow, spiteful, insecure and beyond vain. Honestly, other than her looks, she's a worthless excuse of a human. She earns a wage of 6 figures yet she's in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and she's homeless. How is this possible? This is obviously a woman who wasn't spanked as a child and has absolutely no impulse control. I can't stand people like this; I want to smack them upside the head - repeatedly.

She hits rock bottom and what happens? A handsome, 6'5" cowboy SAVES HER! How does this happen? Why is she so lucky? Well, Ronnie doesn't think she is lucky. Destitute and homeless, Luke finds her and basically kidnaps her. This non-con story just takes off! Thank goodness, because the first couple of chapters reading about Ronnie was painful to say the least. It was cruising at a 1 star for me. Even though it was well written, the character was just so disgusting for me. Her hatred of men which seems to stem from some "Daddy abandonment issues" *rolls eyes* was too much for me. Her self sabotage was unpalatable for me - what a wasted space.

Back to the good stuff! Luke save Ronnie only because of her looks. She resembles someone he knew before and wants again. The entire story of it is so sad. It makes me want to cry. Yes, Luke does a bad thing, but good golly he's so hot. I melt just thinking about it. And, this is a good question on if the ends justifies the means. In this case, I'd say yes.

The branding in this story was unexpected and totally turned me on. Actually, everything kinky in this dark erotica turned me on. I'm not a waterplay fan for myself, but reading about Luke doing it to Ronnie was so good. Personally, I think Luke needs to exert more corporal punishment for Ronnie. Ronnie definitely flourishes and becomes a better person under Luke's care. She's literally been given a new life. And she's still not exactly grateful for it.

What really caught me off guard was the cow play which ended up as milking/lactation fetish. I love this one. It was so hot. The added humiliation and with another woman too was so bloody hawt! I do love how Ms. Thomas writes her BDSM fantasies. The progression of Ronnie as she slowly submits to Luke is a lovely journey. Ronnie becomes someone I can now stand and even at times feel pity. The ending of this story is rather bittersweet. I'm not sure if it is a happily for now or completely an unhappy ending. I can see it both ways. I will say, it is a perfect ending and I enjoyed it. I also wish there will be follow up scenes with Ronnie further humiliated, used and abused. Because Ms. Thomas does these so well and in a manner that just always arouses me. Love it! This dark erotica is recommended from bdsm readers who enjoy the fantasy and particularly the darker ones with hot lesser know fetishes.

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Since my review is out and the BDSM Bedtime story will be posted in 2 days, I figured I'd post it a bit early for those following my blog.  It's a short 7 minute read.  Enjoy!



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