Review: The Christmas Mix-up

The Christmas Mix-up
The Christmas Mix-up by N. Phillips

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

When the love of your life rejects your declaration of love, does the world end?

Evan and Cole have been together for three years. This Christmas is going to be special. Evan is going to make sure none of Cole's presents will be found ahead of time and opened. When Evan finds his hidden present from Cole, he decides to turn the tables on Cole and rip into it. Amused yet slightly horrified by the slutty outfit, Evan tells Cole straight up he won't wear the present he found.

Cole is horrified by Evan's refusal to wear his gift. This mix up was funny in retrospect but heartbreaking while it happened. This was a cute light read. Evan and Cole definitely have a memorable Christmas this year. And maybe, they will learn not to open presents before they are supposed to be opened. This funny m/m story is recommended for readers who enjoy miscommunications.

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