Review: Dangerous Kisses

Dangerous Kisses
Dangerous Kisses by Tonya Ramagos

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The Romance Review

In DANGEROUS KISSES, Megan Pontius lusted after Drake Allen while she was dating Cusack. Ending the relationship with Cusack, she is a free woman to date Drake. Yet she still holds back. Why does she avoid dating him? Why does Drake who clearly wants Megan avoid asking her out? Why does Cusack still think he has a chance with Megan? These are questions the reader doesn't receive a good answer.

This story contained several threads that were not resolved. Or it could be the author didn't realize the loose ends can't be left flapping in the wind. There were several tangents in this story that could have been left out or fleshed out more. While they were used to help "explain" parts of the story, they were too pat of an answer and not well developed. There were also two affairs that didn't make much sense. For example, Paul is a close friend of Megan. His dysfunctional relationship with his wife is a mystery. It's not clear why there was such a break down. The results of Paul's actions are understandable as a strain for his marriage. The question is, why did Paul do what he did? None of the characters in the story could fathom Paul's indiscretion. Added to this, even Paul's wife indicated it was her fault. This loose end just made little sense.

It could be the side stories didn't do much for the overall arc because the secondary characters were not likeable. Not only were they not likeable, one of them was barely mentioned yet was used as the culprit. This type of abrupt injection of characters to resolve a conflict is jarring and leaves the reader unsatisfied. For example, Paul's nephew, Robert is a loathsome creature yet it's not explained why there were so many issues. There are hints but the reader can't tell if they were true or not. Even Megan and Drake were not particularly likeable. Megan seemed to be a person with a gambling problem. Other than a love for marine biology and being a decent cop, Megan was pretty bland and boring.

Drake, on the other hand, was a bit more interesting. He definitely exuded a bit of alpha male traits. His possessiveness and need to mark his ownership of Megan was hot. The sex scenes were decent. The added bit of kinkiness with anal play was a nice touch.

Overall, DANGEROUS KISSES was a sweet romance with a hint of kinky play. Romance lovers who enjoy two men fighting over the same woman will like this book.

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