Review: He Will Take Instructions Sir!

He Will Take Instructions Sir!
He Will Take Instructions Sir! by Eric Bomstad

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Is this really menage? I guess it's debatable. My good friend, Jo, recommended this book to me. It was a tough read for me. Let's go over the good points first.

A Dom who dominates a husband and wife and yet it isn't cuckold? This is not easily done. Mr. Bomstad did an excellent job of showcasing it. The interaction between the Dom and the husband and wife is hands down HOT! Is it believable? Yes Sir, it is! Another great thing about this book is the point of view. Very rarely in BDSM do we have it from the male Dom point of view. It was lovely to read, especially written by a man who is knowledgeable about the BDSM lifestyle. These are all great points and why I'd recommend this book for reading.

What really killed this book for me and took me several days to read despite the short length was the editing. I'm not a copy editor nor am I very good with grammar. However, this book contained many glaring mistakes that it was difficult for me to read and stay in the story. I was constantly pulled out by a word used incorrectly, awkward sentence structure and violation of punctuation usage. The fact that I could pick these outs and I'm one of the more lenient ones is not a good sign. I'd highly recommend Mr. Bomstad to have someone proof read his books to make it more finished.

Overall, this was an enjoyable and hot read. I do wish, like Jo, that we get some m/m action. The tease of a strap-on, three people and more than enough dick to go around made me hope for a little three way anal. This did not happen but one can fantasize. This M/f/m read is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy a male's point of view.

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