Review: Hunted

Hunted by Zeke Connor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was recommended by several fellow BDSM group members. Not sure what to expect I read it thinking that it was just a "role-playing" interrogation setting. NOT SO! This was written to be non con and what men to women soldiers. Honestly, I thought he went a little light on her. I'm surprised by the lack of anal violation and the lack of bodily mutilation. I see that several others mentioned the torture was too much. I actually thought the author went light and glossed over what could really happen. There was no water boarding either.

Back to the story, Sasha (Alexander) is a sniper who captures Suzanne. Suzanne is on a mission and apparently it's in Serbia. Who the HELL goes into Serbia? Oh right, the military. (What country was this from because US hasn't done squat there.) Suzanne is beaten and tortured for information. Unfortunately, Sasha is sexy, dominating and arouses Suzanne. She is one sick puppy. And apparently so am I. This violent and sadistic story turned me on. The utter non-con of it was hot. This is obviously a BDSM Fantasy category as none of this is SSC or even RACK. Still, interrogation is one of the ones I'm a bit afraid of yet it is so alluring. This story hit it out of the ball park for me on interrogation and kidnapping. Now, obviously this is just a story so I'm safely in my bed reading it with depraved delight.

Ms. Connor was able to make this story erotic for me and I wish she wrote more books. It looks like it's been almost five years since she wrote this one. A pity. I recommend this to all the BDSM readers who enjoy hot M/f non-con.

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