Review: Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed
Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed by Doris O'Connor

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

eHarmony with a kinky twist? MR. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is a short sweet story with an unexpected twist.

Anna is despondent and needs to get laid. Her co-worker refers her to Mr. Satisfaction. This man will make her sexual dreams come true – guaranteed. Anna is skeptical that some gigolo will turn her life around. Still, with no other options, she plunges forward.

This short story moves at a decent pace and it's tightly written. There are a couple of flashbacks which are smoothly transitioned into the present timeline. The sex is smoking hot. This is definitely a great read and the twist caught me off guard in a pleasing manner. This kinky story is recommended to romance lovers looking for a smexy short appetizer.

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