Review: Not His Kiss to Take

Not His Kiss to Take
Not His Kiss to Take by Finn Marlowe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What starts out as a terrible hate crime against a gorgeous young hetero boy turns into a beautiful M/m kinky story. Jamie is at the wrong place at the wrong time. Some assholes decide he's a faggot and proceed to beat the shit out of him and mangle up his dick and balls. (What kind of person does this? Hateful people.) Evan happens to be at the bar and while he isn't a practicing doctor any longer, he helps Jamie out. He takes Jamie home to help him heal.

Suspending disbelief aside (doctor taking a stranger into his home for caring), this story is very hot and kinky. It's also pretty sweet. The BDSM in here is light. It's more rough sex and fetish with the medical. I almost labeled it sugarkink but then had to remind myself that enema play is sometimes a hard limit for others. The way Ms. Marlowe demonstrates it in this book is so very sexy and I'd bend over for a little medical play from Evan any day. Too bad he bats for the other team.

The story is well written and very enjoyable. Ms. Marlowe does a great job with characters who are very different yet mesh well together. I found both characters very likeable. Evan is a kinky perv. Jamie is a snarky as hell twink. The dialog between the two characters is hilarious at times. The creative names used to call Evan by Jamie is utterly amusing. I highly recommend this delightful kinky book to m/m lovers who enjoy a bit of medical fetish.

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