Review: Porpoiseful Intent

Porpoiseful Intent
Porpoiseful Intent by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Or in this case, a man scorned by the man he loves. Erik is back to try and destroy Sean and Emery's life. Erik is still not over Emery and he will do anything, even kill, to ensure no one has Emery. In this second installment, Erik is now more than a crazy stalker. He's turned into a serial killer.

The brutal manner in which Erik kills other dolphin shifters is appalling. These are dolphins that were one time his pod mates. His single minded focus for revenge and lust for Emery is disturbing. While Erik is riding the Fatal Attraction psycho train, Sean and Emery are in family crisis mode. The reader learns more about the Alpha role as well as the responsibilities of an Alpha's mate. Sean is getting a crash course on pod politics as members of the pod are mysteriously targeted and killed off.

In case readers think this book is all gloom and doom, Ms. Dalton shows off her quirky sense of humour several times through this book. The funny episodes are a lovely counterbalance to the stresses Sean and Emery suffer through. As fans of Ms. Dalton know, she is a queen of painful angst plots that can even manifest physical pangs of the heart in a reader. In this story, she does not spare the reader any hardships and she excels with her conflicts. While she resolves each conflict, it's on her schedule, not the wishful hopes of the reader.

This book's happy-for-now ending will cause a reader to rail a bit and eagerly anticipate the next installment. This paranormal romance is recommended for m/m readers who love dolphins and sexy stubborn men.

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