Review: Reclaiming the Edge

Reclaiming the Edge
Reclaiming the Edge by Sara Brookes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A short story taking the reader back into the lives of Dalton, Cade and Erin, this reader is expecting some hot D/s ménage. The characters are from the first book, Ragged Edge. Instead, this book starts out with the happy triad no longer in a good balance. Present day, their relationship is on the rocks. Erin is hiding something big from her lovers Dalton and Cade. When the truth is revealed, it’s heartbreaking.

The scene to reconnect Erin back to her Master, Dalton, and her cute Cop, Cade, is not to be missed. Ms. Brookes does a great job of describing and showing how three lovers can come together. It’s a steamy read and may cause a reader’s panties more than dampen. Perhaps a little “me time” will be required after reading this scene. This short story while depressing at time, is still a hot sexy reading as Dalton dominates Erin and brings her back into the fold. Because when it comes down to it, without open communication and trust, the threesome cannot function properly. Ms. Brookes does a great job illustrating how a failure to communication can happen and cause pain when it is not necessary. This enjoyable glimpse into the lives of these three characters is delightful. This short story is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy D/s with their ménage.

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