Review: Rentboy

Rentboy by Fyn Alexander

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

A socially awkward professor hiring a rent boy from an alley is an auspicious start to this story.

Meet almost thirty year old virgin, Edward Atherton. He is a genius in his field yet his common sense and emotional decorum is lacking. Still, he's endearing as he tries to rid himself of virginity. Helping him is Nik, the rent boy he picked up from an alley. Nik is an emo young boy who eagerly goes home with Edward and shows him the fun world of sexual relations. This could be a simple down and dirty sex book filled with steamy slutty sex.

Instead, the book is layered in intrigue, heart break and redemption. Nik is not what he seems. He is no runaway looking for sex to feed and clothe him. He's been tasked by his abusive father to steal from Edward. What no one considered is Nik falling for Edward.

Fyn Alexander slowly pulls back the rug and exposes Nik's dysfunctional family life. It's a very sad and depressing reveal. As the reader learns more about Nik's interaction with his parents and siblings, it is hard pressed not to cry for him. Nik is truly an admirable character who does the best with what he's been dealt in life. I adore Nik. Edward is no perfect guy but he is definitely a hero for Nik. Edward is a surprisingly strong geeky guy who will do what it takes to save the person he loves.

This story's main theme revolves around love and what a person will do in the name of it. The reader sees through each character's eyes at what they are willing to sacrifice. It's moving. This angst filled story is well balanced with humour from the quirky characters. In addition, our favourite assassin dynamic duo makes a guest experience. This little cross over from another Fyn Alexander series is sure to cause a delighted squeal from many devoted readers.

This m/m book is highly recommended to those who enjoy well developed characters in their romantic suspense.

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