Review: Sub for a Week

Sub for a Week
Sub for a Week by Erin Lark

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

What happens when a doctor falls for her patient? Julia is a shrink working to help Daniel overcome an issue. Julia specializes in helping people in the BDSM lifestyle. Daniel is a Dom coming to Julia to help him overcome his feelings of inadequacies.

Set in a futuristic time, this story can be categorized as speculative fiction. Instead of in a room together, the therapy sessions are carried out on line through chat sessions. While Julia is helping Daniel resolve his issues, Daniel is assessing Julia's submissive desires. Daniel convinces Julia to try submitting to him for a week.

This book focuses on the D/s side of BDSM. It was almost a D/s 101 class, sometimes rather dry. The two characters Julia and Dom lack chemistry in their interaction. Even the BDSM play scenes left a reader to be more dry than wet. My recommendation for Ms. Lark is to perhaps cut the lengthy explanations and instead, show more through actions. It would also help to understand Daniel's issues. It was so vaguely explained, it didn't really make sense that Daniel would need to see Julia for help.

Julia was a character hard to like. She's rather judgmental and sexually frigid at times. Daniel, on the hand, is a hot Dom. The way he sets up his club as well as his voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies is very hot. He makes up for Julia's character.

This romance is recommended for kinky readers who like a strong protective Dom.

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