Review: Traditional Terms

Traditional Terms
Traditional Terms by Alta Hensley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A follow up to the first in this Domestic Discipline series, Coley, Caine's little sister is on the rampage. She's the wild child who happens to be an erotic writer with no sex life. This is a sad state for an erotic author. She wants a man but she doesn't treat them well. She wants a man who is man enough to stand up to her but not an asshole. She isn't asking for much, is she? She's never considered her brother's friends because they are all into the lifestyle. She doesn't want to be spanked. Well, what naughty girl likes punishment spankings?

In an unsurprising twist, Coley hooks up with Vance, her brother's friend. Of course, he's into DD, at least second generation DD if not third. (Things to ponder if future in-laws are into DD!) This story's DD is rather light. Ms. Hensley mixes in Christian beliefs to further explain the DD lifestyle. For the initiated, it could be a bit preachy. For those like me, who has a husband that believes in this (but doesn't spank!) it's pretty spot on. What I find interesting in this story is how it's told that the first year or so is a rough time for the couple as they test each other's limits. I'd have to say in my first year of marriage, this was the case. And then one day, the power struggle was gone. It's a much more harmonious married life. So I can definitely see the merits.

As for the characters, I found Coley to be a bit too immature at times. Her defiance and lie to Vance about a bloody laptop was odd. What's the point? Vance seemed to use a bit flowery and unrealistic dialog from a man. I can imagine women would want to hear men profess all these sweet nothings; I just can't imagine a guy coming up with these himself. My recommendation, less meterosexual dialog because it undercuts the alpha masculinity of these DD men. I also found Sara to be a rather annoying secondary character. Why is she still around? She is a shallow, stupid spanking slut. I've yet to see a redeeming quality about her. I can't understand why so many of these men in the circle fuck her. She is the token mascot? Everyone has to do her in order to be initiated into this DD club of men? It makes me think less of these men. The fact that all of them seem to have fucked her, even just a week makes me think the men have very poor judgment. And would I really want a man to be head of household if they would make such a big mistake? It also makes me think Travis, another secondary character, is an idiot because he still keeps her. Disappointing as it shows how shallow the men are by picking her for her looks and how easily she leaps across their lap for some spanking sex.

This short story is recommended to Domestic Discipline lovers who enjoy a bit of anal and spanking treat.

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