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The Trap
The Trap by Indigo Wren

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a must read book on D/s and trust. Without trust, there will be no D/s relationship or more importantly, love. While some may tag this as GlitterKink because there are ridiculously young and rich men in this story, I'm going to leave it off. While the money came into play to make the story happen, it's not really a focus for me. The focus is on Ethan's systematic tearing down of David's walls.

Ethan and David were roommates in college and they were going to start a business together. It's the proverbial poor boy and rich boy becoming best friends. Except in this case, it's a "gay for you" situation which freaks David out. He overreacted and disappeared from Ethan's life as quickly as he could. The shame and fear David experiences are very well explained and drawn out by Ms. Wren. She builds these characters so well and I'm completely engaged. I feel the scared panicky feelings spinning David out of control. I melt at Ethan's dominance and patience. I love Ethan. He doesn't need fancy toys to dom David. Ethan is a sensual Dom and he's so very good with giving orders.

Ms. Wren does a great job of capturing and showcasing the essence of how a D/s relationship can be. I love it! I loved her dialog. I loved her characters. I loved how the story flowed. I cried when David cried. I felt frustration and heartbreak when Ethan was crushed. The emotional ups and downs in this story is really what makes it a five star for me. I felt so vested in the relationship and prayed for a happily ever after. The D/s and domming scenes were just icing on my cake. I recommend this to m/m readers who want to melt when reading a beginning D/s relationship which starts out rocky and ends up smooth and silky.

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