Review: Where There's a Will

Where There's a Will
Where There's a Will by Raven McAllan

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The Romance Review

Dom switching to bottom - this caught my attention immediately. In this historical romance, Lord William Barlow is lost in a snowstorm. Fearing freezing to death, he comes upon a driveway with a rescuer directing him into a stable to care for his horse.

From here, Will is bound and taken into a room for some smexy hot sex. The BD in this story is a delight. The BDSM is just right between Will and his captor. Will's dark fantasy to be the submissive for once is realized and it's as good as he hoped. For a dominant, this switching is unusual yet it helps him gain a better understanding to be a better Dom. I thoroughly enjoyed this little scene.

However, the story is a bit odd. There were tangents to the story, which were unnecessary. While I understand why the arranged marriage was added in, it did not enhance the story. Another piece which threw me was the mention of a "driveway". This word did not exist in 1818 when this story took place. For a historical romance, it is recommended to strive for historical accuracy. Prior to automobiles, the path to a home was called a private road. There were a couple of other parts to the story which didn't flow exactly right or make sense. Still, it was a good hot m/m BDSM romance.

This short story is recommended to m/m romance lovers who enjoy a kinky flip.

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