Breathplay (Part I)


What is breathplay? Why do people do this? Is it any fun?

      Breathplay is considered an edgeplay. It is not for the novice Top to try out all alone. This is one that needs to be carefully done because it could result in death in the worst case scenario. Sometimes breathplay is also called erotic asphyxiation. Breath play should NOT be tried by oneself. Auto erotic asphyxiation is extremely dangerous and can also result in death.

      There are many different ways to cause a person to "black out" or "gray out". There are also devices and equipment which can assist in this play. For the purposes of this educational post, I am only going to cover breathplay using no equipment or tools other than the human body.

      When a couple decides to try this, it is best to practice at a location where there is little distraction. It is always best to have a mentor standing by to help assist. If a person possesses experience with wrestling, this will also help.

      Once again, I'm going to use Top and bottom to keep it simple.


      Yes, the boring stuff is always important. Negotiate this one carefully. In addition, make sure there are no surprises with medical problems. If a person is prone to heart problems, asthma or aneurysms, this play may not be advisable. Remember, this is edgeplay so we will follow RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink. The BDSM group and I will not be held responsible for any harm which may result in this play. We are only advising based on our personal experiences. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Two basic types of breath play chokes


      The easier way is by controlling the airway. There is no pressure used. This is a very slow process and depending on the person, it could take 30 seconds to minutes before the person passes out. This will generate a fight or flight response. Either the bottom will flail and try to hit you or they will try to break free from your grasp.

1. Start by sitting on the ground or a bed. Find a comfortable location.

2. The Top will be behind the bottom.

3. Begin by pinching the nose with the fingers.

4. Block the mouth with the other hand to prevent air from being sucked in from the hand.

      Both the nose and mouth must be blocked together. As the bottom starts to lose the air from their body, the Top's hand will most likely be sucked into the mouth. Make sure to keep the fingers over the mouth tightly together to keep a tight seal. Another method is to wear a leather glove on the hand covering the mouth. This will help keep the seal across the mouth tighter.

Blood choke
      This is a much faster way to black a bottom out. The way this works is to stop the blood flow to the brain. By applying pressure to the carotid artery and jugular veins, it will knock a person out. This is where wrestling experience can help out.

(picture from )

      One way is to use what is called the rear naked choke. Once again the Top is behind the bottom. They should be sitting down on the floor, a bed or a couch. The thing to remember in this one is the point is to apply pressure to the major artery and veins in the neck by squeezing the sides of the neck. It's not to crush the wind pipe. Pressure to the front of the neck is not recommended. If the bottom starts coughing, stop. Try again by squeezing the sides not pulling back into the throat.

      Since it is difficult for me to explain what I saw, here are two youtube videos I recommend watching to help learn how to do this if you have no mentor.

How To Perform Bas Rutten's Rear Naked Choke

 Collar Choke Back Hooks- MMA Candy



Breath play is not something I want to try.
It is definitely something intense, that's for sure. I didn't think I'd like it, but I ended up enjoying it.

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