Breathplay (Part II)

Things to consider

1. If the Top is smaller or equal in stature with the bottom, sitting down or being close to the ground is advisable. When the bottom passes out, there is less distance to the ground.

2. Repeated breathplay in a scene will cause the blackout to occur faster each time.

3. Sometimes, depending on how the Top and bottom's body is built, it may not be possible to blood choke a the bottom out using the dominant arm. Try to use the other arm because the body alignment may be better.

4. First time playing with someone, have them raise their hand up above their head.  As they get close to blacking out, their arm will drop.  As soon as the arm drops, release the bottom.

Common Questions

Q1. Will this cause brain damage?

A1. Brain damage is always possible when the brain is deprived of oxygen. Each person is different in how long before brain damage occurs.

Q2. If brain damage can occur, why do this?

A2. The point is not to put the person unconscious for hours. This breathplay is supposed to only knock the bottom out for a few seconds. Not even minutes.

Q3. Are there different types of black outs?

A3. Yes. There are "grey outs" and "black outs". As a play couple become more familiar with how their bodies respond, they will be able to tell how long it will take before a bottom passes out. It is possible to stop right before the bottom completely passes out into unconsciousness. This is commonly known as a "grey" out.

Q4. Why would a Top pick grey outs over black outs?

A4. It is personal preference, but basically, they are trying to elicit the response of the bottom as it's trying to stay conscious. Some Tops may want the bottom completely unconscious as they fuck them the bottom back into consciousness. It is, once again personal preference.

Q5. What does a bottom feel when they are blacking out?

A5. The demo bottom at the class I attended says she sees colours and memories flash before her eyes. She mentioned several others also indicated the same. She also has heightened sense of smell.

Me personally, I don't experience this. One minute I'm struggling for air and the next minute I gasping back into consciousness. The repetition of a blood choke will cause me to go into subspace very deeply. I'll feel a flying sensation and I recall being a peace. I didn't have any worries in the world. It was extremely freeing for me. My brain stopped multitasking and processing all sorts of work and personal issues. Instead, I was focused on the sensation and it felt so very good.

Breathplay Part III


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