Breathplay (Part III)

Why would someone want to pass out repeatedly or kill their brain cells? How can it possibly be worth the risk?"

     It is questionable as to whether brain cells are killed. If I person is kept in the "blood choke" hold long after she has based out, then that will increase the possibility of brain damage.

     In breathplay, that's not the point. If the person is unconscious for a long time, the play is over. In most cases, the point it for a few seconds of "grey" or black out. According to most medical documents, this neither kills brain cells nor causes damage to the brain.
Cerebral hypoxia explains how brain cells die after 5 minutes of no oxygen. Because it's really the lack of oxygen which causes damage. Damage as in destroying brain cells or damaging the ends of neurons.

     For breathplay, as soon as the bottom starts to black out, most Top immediately release the bottom. This is literally seconds where the brain is deprived.  The goal isn't to have the bottom unconscious for more than a couple of minutes, if even that long.

     This play is not for everyone. Not everyone enjoys this type. The first time I tried it, it wasn't that great. The second time I experienced it, with someone who knew what they were doing and obviously very much enjoyed it, the experience was completely different. It was very enjoyable and I can now understand why people like it.

     Let's talk about other ways people lose oxygen to the brain or damage it just as easily. What exactly is brain damage or killing off of cells? Brain Death is a short and good article on the requirements of a brain and at what time the brain incurs damage or dies.

1. Drinking alcohol - Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells and 10 brain myths

2. Wrestling and Martial arts
Jaywiseman's detail on law enforcement choke holds
Jaywiseman's collection of breathplay documentation

3. Fighter pilots -
G-Lock and the Fighter Jock

Not being able to breath causes pure terror so I can't get this at all. And how does it become erotic for sub?

     I can not speak for others who are into breathplay. I can only speak for myself. There was no terror involved in mine. I allowed the Top to try it on me the first time. It was a soft limit for me. I didn't think I would want to try it again. When I did, the very first time he tried it, I was nervous and my temples on my head pounded a bit. I lost vision and I seriously thought - "Oh crap, I'm going to die. This can't be good." That was my last thought.

     When I returned to consciousness, I was extremely disoriented and I think I was drooling. How very embarrassing. I thought I fell asleep when the person had been talking to me. Even MORE embarrassing. Having a simple conversation only to pass out while talking to them? They must think horribly of me. I didn't find them dull or boring. I immediately apologized for falling asleep. I couldn't remember anything at that time.

     I was immediately reassured that it was fine. I didn't fall asleep and that I had blacked out from breathplay. As soon as the Top said "breathplay", my mind kicked into high gear. Everything came rushing back to me. That was when I thought, wow, how long was I out? (I did check my watch.) This all happened in the span of a couple of minutes - from the start of breathplay to when I was back conscious and being reassured. I thought it was much much longer.

     Now that the Top knew how I responded physically to breathplay, it was tried again several times. Each time, I went under quicker and when I returned it was easier for me and I did feel pretty amazing. It's hard to describe the lightness of it. (Most likely brought on by lightheaded-ness. I always did like to hang upside down as a kid.)
What does a top response from fucking someone who is unconscious is there? 
     What a Top receives I can not speak to because I haven't done this as a Top. I can relay what Tops have said to me about it. Since it is not directly from a Top, it can be considered hearsay and any mistakes I make are my own due to misinterpretation.

     One Top explained it as a very intimate experience. The bottom is so trusting that they would put their life in the Top's hands.

     Another Top explained the goal wasn't for the blackout. At least, not for him. His goal was the struggling and responses as his bottom was close to black out. In fact, the two of them no longer go to blackout. Instead, they do grey outs, just to the point, but not quite. Because then he could do it to his bottom many times in an hour. And since she loved the feelings she received during this time, it was a win win for them.

     Regarding the bottom who went unconscious, I can't speak to that situation either. I don't know the two couple and I don't know how she responded. What I can tell is how it makes me feel when I heard it.

     When I first heard it before I had a good breathplay experience, it didn't do much for me. I thought. Ugh. Not for me. It wasn't good or bad. I just didn't see the appeal so I'd take a pass on it.

     After I'd experience a good session on breathplay, I'm pretty aroused by it. I can only liken it being asleep and suddenly awaken by a nice hard cock fucking me while I'm really wet. Since I know my own reaction when I come back from breathplay, this extra bit of a hard cock in my pussy while my brain is already flying, wowza. I think I'd be in nirvana for a bit.


Jane said…
Great series of posts! I've really enjoyed following this topic; such an interesting one and, I think, often misunderstood. Jane xxx
Hi Jane,
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I find that as I learn more about something that scared me, the less it frightening.

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