Interview with the Dom behind the Bedtime Stories

Please Welcome Sirly Eric and CurvyGirl. Sirly Eric saved the day when he contacted me to help out with the BDSM bedtime stories. He's narrated many of the stories in Season One. It's time to learn a bit more about him.

Sirly Eric and CurvyGirl sit down on the red velvet loveseat.  Sirly Eric drops a grey rolling carryon by the side of the loveseat.

Sirly Eric: Hello [name redacted]…oops, sorry, BookAddict.

La Crimson Femme: Eric, BookAddict isn't here.  I'm interviewing you today.  And yes, we'd like to keep our "third" persona quiet.  No one else knows about her.

Sirly Eric: *Leans forward* I don't think so.  I believe we agreed BookAddict would be doing the interview.  She's the submissive, isn't she?

La Crimson Femme: *Swallows slowly and backs away*  Right, um.

BookAddict: I'm here!  Hi Sirly Eric!  Hellloooo, CurvyGirl! *Shoves La Crimson Femme off the chair and out the room.*  What did you bring?  *Eyes the carryon*

Sirly Eric: Never mind what is in there.  Are we going to start with the questions?  *Nods at CurvyGirl*

BookAddict: Sure, we can start!  How did you start reading for the BDSM group?

Sirly Eric: A friend of mine, Jenna Burton, told me about Kally Masters planned readings, and I contacted her about doing them. I told her a little about my history and qualifications (former military, active in my local scene, and a lot of practice with phone sex). But, she told me she wasn't in charge of picking the readers.  Then, if I remember correctly, she put me in touch with you.  *Reaches down and unzips the bag.  Slowly starts handing the items to CurvyGirl*

BookAddict:  *giggles nervously*  Tell us a little about yourself.  How long you’ve been in the lifestyle and how active are you in the lifestyle?

Sirly Eric: I'm pretty active in the Atlanta scene.  I've been involved in the scene for about 7 years now, and I'm currently on the board of the local TNG (Next Generation) group, which caters to people under 40 who are involved in the kink community.  I also work with a group who makes the dungeon equipment for local conventions, and help set up and work one of our biggest local kink and lifestyle cons, Frolicon*Continues to hand items to CurvyGirl.*

BookAddict:  Sirly Eric, it’s been mentioned the m/m ones you read are very hot.  Do you find some of these m/m ones hot?

Sirly Eric: Though I consider myself heteroflexible, I definitely enjoy women more than men.  That said, there's a number of the m/m scenes I've found myself getting aroused to.  It doesn't matter your preferences sometimes, hot is hot.  In The Red and PowerPlay were two I found myself getting the most enjoyment out of. *Leans over and whispers something in CurvyGirl's ear.*

BookAddict: Since you are in the lifestyle, is there anything you like to specifically play with?  Would you mind demo-ing it on CurvyGirl here?

Sirly Eric: Knives, fire, caning, clamps...we like so many play types.  I'll let her tell you.  ;)  As for demo-ing, CurvyGirl will be assisting, yes.

BookAddict:  So CurvyGirl, tell us a bit about yourself.  I heard you are a switch too.  What is your preference?  Top or bottom?  *Looks at the items on the table and wiggles in my seat.*

CurvyGirl: *Lays out nipple clamps, a thin black stick and cuffs*   I've been involved in the BDSM scene for about 7 years, and yes; I'm a switch too.  I initially did a lot more bottoming than topping.  Now I enjoy both equally.  When I bottom I get to turn off my very analytical brain, and just be in my skin and in the moment.  When I top I'm completely focused on my bottom and the ebb and flow of action and reaction between us.  I guess I lean a bit more toward bottoming, but it really depends on my mood and what I'm craving.

BookAddict: How long have you been in the lifestyle and what are your favourite plays and why?  Um, CurvyGirl, why are you getting up?

CurvyGirl: *Slinks over to where I'm sitting and stands behind me.* 

Pay attention to Sirly Eric.  Don't worry about what I'm doing. 

*Leans to whisper into my ear.* 

To answer your question, I started exploring the lifestyle in 2006 and quickly found I enjoyed nipple play, flogging, bare handed spanking and scenes with a mix of impact and sensation play.  Topping or bottoming I like my scenes to have a nice variety of sensations, experiences and implements.  I love a Top who will gradually warm me up until I'm asking for more - and then keep me at that "more" point.  Once my skin is super sensitive from flogging/spanking/miscellaneous impact play, just take a knife to my skin and I'm all yours.  *grin* 

When I'm topping I call myself a "reaction whore" - because what I want more than anything is the bottom's reactions.  Those shivers, moans, twitches and sighs are a rush like nothing else, and I'll keep giving you more of whatever elicited those delicious reactions!  One of my absolutely favorites is to co-Top with Eric.  There's nothing quite like sharing a bottom in a scene...or for an evening...

Sirly Eric: ba, look at me.  I want to see your brown eyes.  Hand these cuffs to CurvyGirl and place your hands behind the chair.

BookAddict: *Takes the cuffs and passes them over to CurvyGirl.*  Um, I thought we were going to do a demo scene with CurvyGirl as your sub. 

Sirly Eric: I said she would assist.  I never confirmed she would be the sub.  *Smiles and picks up the thin black stick which looks like a small car's antenna.* I think you should continue with your questions.

BookAddict: Have you read anything that confused you yet? Or are these scenes familiar to you? *Gasps as my hands are pulled together behind my back tightly and then cuffed.*

Sirly Eric: I have to say that the Flesh Cartel one was about the only one that kind of disturbed me.  I don't know the whole story, so I can't gauge where it goes, but the implication of it bothered me.  I don't like stories of actual abuse or non-consent.  But you know all about consenting, don't you, little one?

BookAddict: *Whimpers*  Yes, Sir.  I do.  CurvyGirl, have you read many erotic BDSM books?  What do you think about it getting so popular?

CurvyGirl: My first exposure to BSDM came from erotica I read back in the mid-1990's.  As a young bisexual woman, just coming out, I devoured any queer erotica I could get my hands on, especially anything edited by Susie Bright.  Some stories where so-so and some left me panting. 

An excerpt from Carol Queen's The Leather Daddy and the Femme was in one of the anthologies I read.  I was able to get a copy when the full book came back into print a few years ago, and now that is one book that stays in my nightstand! 

If I hadn't had that exposure to some fantastic kink erotica I don't know if I would have had the courage to take that step from fantasy to real life.  If think the popularity of BDSM erotica can be a very healthy thing for a wider audience to explore their fantasies.  The caution that has to go along with that idea though is that erotica IS fantasy - it's not a documentary or a "how to" guide.

*CurvyGirl reaches around and starts unbuttoning my shirt and exposing my bra.* 

Oh my, Eric.  Look at this, she wears a front clasp bra.  How convenient, isn't it?

*She reaches down and frees my breasts.  She caresses them with her warm hands, then pinches the nipples hard and twists them.*

BookAddict:  Ohhh, mmmm.  *Sighs.  I start to breathe heavily.*  I only have a few more questions. Sirly Eric, do any of these stories turn you on?  What is your favourite?

Sirly Eric: Oh, God yes!  So many of them turn me on.  I would have to say my favorites are Nobody's Hero by Kally Masters, My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair and Maintenance Night by Trent Evans.  I like ones where a woman is first being introduced to things that she doesn't know she's going to like, or things she's reluctant to try but ends up REALLY enjoying.

BookAddict: Huh, what kind of things would she not know about?

Sirly Eric: Have you ever had your breasts whipped by a carbon fiber rod?  Let me introduce to you what we call the "evil stick".  It stings.

Evil Stick

BookAddict: *Shakes head left and right rapidly*  No thank you.  I don't like stingy pain.  I'm okay as it.  I'm going to focus on CurvyGirl for a bit.  What do you think about his reading?  Which one is your favourite one?

CurvyGirl: I love it!  I think Dominance and Deception by Amy Valenti is my favorite, but I really like them all.  I love getting to be a beta listener.  *Continues to play with my nipples and pinch them.  Sometimes grabs my breasts hard and yanks them.*

BookAddict:  Oh god.  CurvyGirl, please - I'm trying to focus here.  I'm very susceptible to rough body play. 

CurvyGirl:  I heard that about you.  *Her left hand moves away from my breast.  I feel her fingers and thumb grasp the back of my neck.  She runs it up my scalp, entwines my hair in her fist and then pulls my head back to look up at her.* My turn for a question.  You aren't afraid of the stingy sensation are you?  What you are afraid of - is that you might like it too much, isn't that right?

BookAddict: *Shivers, close my eyes and moan as my head is cushioned into CurvyGirl's ample bosom.*  I …well… maybe. 

CurvyGirl: *Tightens the grip in my hair as she leans down to my ear and nips it. * Say it out loud for us.  You have to ask for what you want from us.

BookAddict: Ohh, mmm. Yes, please.  I would like to try the evil stick on my breasts.  But we have to finish the interview!  Do you find that the readings have any “fringe” benefits?

CurvyGirl: By all means.  Let's get the interview out of the way.  There was a time when our relationship was long distance for many months, and we'd sometimes read each other "bedtime stories". Hearing Eric reading these stories now takes me back to those times - and the smokin' hot phone sex!  When a new recording posts he sometimes likes playing it for me and watching my face and reactions as I listen.  Have I mentioned that I'm a very lucky lady?

BookAddict: Does it feel odd to have Eric reading these stories?  All these women fawning after him?

CurvyGirl: *Brushes her lips against my ear as she answers* I think it's fun (and very hot).  He has such a wonderful, sensual voice - and a real passion for the subject matter. 

BookAddict: What would you like them to know about Eric?  What would you like to show about him?

CurvyGirl: Eric is the love of my life.  He's smart, funny, a voracious reader and a great cook.  He's the most giving and passionate lover I've ever had, and he knows how to both torment and satisfy a woman.  I believe we are at the end of our questions.  Shall we begin?  *Cups my breasts from underneath and offers them up for a whipping.*

Sirly Eric:  *Thwaps the evil stick a few times into his left palm.  Lifts it and strikes down on my left breast then the right breast in rapid succession.*  Ah, just as we thought.  She is quite noisy and responsive, isn't she?

CurvyGirl: Ooh yes.  Shall we check her pussy to see if it is wet?  Don't forget she expressed interest in knifeplay, and you're so very good at it.  Maybe she'll like it as much as I do...

BookAddict:  *Moan, whimper*  I want to thank my two guests, Sirly Eric and CurvyGirl, today for answering questions.  I…

Sirly Eric: Shh… that's enough talking, little one.  CurvyGirl, remove her panties and let the chair back lay flat.  Let's get her legs open and hanging off the chair arms.  *Flips open a knife and moves off the couch towards me as CurvyGirl follows his instructions.*

CurvyGirl:  Thank you for having us here.  Sirly Eric will return in Season two BDSM Bedtime Stories.  Between now and then, we'll find something to keep us occupied.  *Smirks at me while my panties are cut off.*

What happens to poor BookAddict at the hands of two Doms?  Wouldn’t you perverts like to know?  Both Sirly Eric and CurvyGirl are opens to questions.  Who wants to ask a question?  Ask your questions below in the comment section.  We'll leave it open through March 7th, 2013.  Once we have all the questions, Sirly Eric and CurvyGirl will provide a special treat follow up answer.


Jane said…
Great interview. It was nice to see the different perspectives of both Sirly Eric and CurvyGirl and the bond between them.

How are your breasts after this, by the way, BA? :-)
@ Jane - My boobies are great! They um, have maybe a mark or two... But I love marks so it's all good.
Anonymous said…
Loved this interview! Wish i'd been in your place Bookaddict!
Sylvia said…
Uh...gulp...very hot:)
@ AZ Karen, it was delightful. Afterwards was even better...

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