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Bared to Him
Bared to Him by Sierra Cartwright

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The Romance Review

Do you enjoy GlitterKink? Then you will enjoy this book by Ms. Cartwright. BARED TO HIM is a delightful fantasy book about a white collar working woman being swept off her feet by a rich handsome executive. Who doesn't enjoy a little fantasy like this? I've classified this as GlitterKink because it involves a very rich man who can stock his own fully loaded dungeon as well as owning a membership to an exclusive BDSM club.

Myka Monroe is caught reading that book everyone one is talking about—in an elevator no less by a handsome man. Embarrassed and trying to turn it back on him, she asks if he's read it. The suave sexy Phillip Dettmer responds quite elegantly:

"I haven't read it, no. There's no need."

A bell dinged, signaling that she'd reached her floor. "No need?" she asked.

"I live the lifestyle," he said.

The doors slid open.

He moved forward, crowding her space. She'd have to brush past him to exit. He pressed the button to keep the doors open. "Look me up if you're curious."

Be still, my beating heart. I'd be immediately running for a computer to look this guy up. The BDSM in here is nice and light. It's done just right for a new to BDSM female who's been turned on to kinky fun due to the attention regarding BDSM in the media. This book is well written and presents a more accurate picture of a healthy D/s relationship. While a bit unrealistic with a rich handsome guy, a woman can still dream about it.

Ms. Cartwright certainly knows her sensual kinky play with a tasty over the knee (OTK) spanking mixed with the authoritative way Philip commands Myka. An essential point I'd like to make, Ms. Cartwright shows that it's the relationship and connection which makes the BDSM D/s relationship work. This is easily missed and I'm glad Ms. Cartwright highlighted this without lecturing. This delightful treat is recommended to kinky readers who want to see a real glimpse of BDSM dynamics.

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Sounds delish...and I think I am in the mood for some glitter!

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