Review: Best Erotic Romance 2013

Best Erotic Romance 2013
Best Erotic Romance 2013 by Kristina Wright

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

When sex meets love, there should be some hot sexy scenes which appeals to both the mental and emotional parts to a reader. One would expect to feel really good between the warm fuzzy love and the arousing sexual scenes. In this book, BEST EROTIC ROMANCE 2013, it falls a bit short. Each of the short stories are well written. There are no grammar issue. They are smoothly edited by Ms. Wright which is expected. What is unexpected is the lack of heat and arousal. This book is a 2.5 star because it was a bit more than okay but not enough for me to like it at a 3 star. Since I truncate, it ends up with a 2 star.

There are a couple of stories in this book which deal with infidelity which doesn’t exactly arouse. While one woman did end up leaving her apathetic husband for a more exciting and passionate man, it was rather sad. Several of the stories leaves the reader wondering where the love existed. There were a few cute ones such as the white knight rescuing a damsel in distress from a bathroom in Vegas or a Yoga partner assisting a new lover to reach unchartered heights. Still, the overall book did not illicit heated desires with passionate flames of love. This is surprising as previous Ms. Wright collections have been delicious filled with smexy hot stories. This collection of stories recommended for the romance reader who enjoys contemporary settings with reality endings.

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Lance Smith said…
Glad to see someone else feels the same way about infidelity/cheating as I do.
@ Lance, it's a very dicey thing for me. I don't like reading about it and I try to avoid those books. I will read cuckold ones because that's a specific type of genre which I'm okay a degree.
Lance Smith said…
@LaCrimsonFemme, agree about cuckold as well. While it can be "consensual infidelity"to a degree...not exactly high on my list. Anyway, because this was titled " Romance Erotica" which is my favorite, I am very glad to have read this review first. Thank you.

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