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Corporate Slave
Corporate Slave by Fulani

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Enter dystopia filled with sexual slavery and where sadistic BDSM is the norm. Cassie is just one of millions trying to make it through life. Is it even worth it? She’s a shop assistant at a grocery type store. She doesn’t bag the groceries or ring them at check out. She does show customers the products by attracting them with her naked body while dancing in a glass cage. In this world Fulani creates, sex sells and it’s the dirty currency everyone uses. Even 100 dollars is renamed to a blow job.

Fulani creates quite the interesting world post government. In this new age, the Corporations take over the failing country and corruption runs rampant. People are kidnapped off the street accused of being dissents against the Corporation. This could be considered speculative genre. Although, to be honest, it amuses because it almost feels as if it is based on a few existing countries in this world. These existing countries which are run similar to this world aren’t run by the “evil capitalistic Corporations”. It’s only run by greedy tyrannical sadists. In this point, the book aligns with current world realities.

This book is definitely for those who enjoy non-consensual savagery. It is blazing hot in its sadistic tortures. There is no hold bar. Most of the edgeplay are beyond what people can handle in real life. This is not the book to use as a BDSM 101 guide because it will mean a fast trip to prison while the bottom is either at the ER or in the morgue. There is no SSC or RACK. Instead it’s just one painful interrogation after another. Or at least that is how it comes across at times. Now how can this be arousing? This is the beauty of Fulani’s writing. His characters enjoy the sexual experiences no matter how cruel and unusual. It is very clear Cassie is a depraved pain slut and she revels in it. Because he creates his characters to enjoy both the giving and receiving, no matter how perverse, the story is really hot and good. Would it be something this reader would in real life? HELL to the NO. However, reading it vicariously is a titillating voyeuristic indulgence.

This book isn’t all about sex, sex, sex and more sex. There is a plot which lightly touched upon with rebel forces organizing to overthrow the “Man”. The “Man” in this world are the evil Corporations and their executives. This anti-capitalism message is rather heavy handed near the end and really doesn’t add to the story. At least, not for this greedy capitalistic reader. Still, it’s an entertaining “what if scenario” about humans exploitation as a common commodity. This dark book is recommended only to those who enjoy sadistic nonconsensual acts.

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Sounds good. Adding to my TBR.
I'm always a fan of this author. I can't go wrong reading one of these.

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