Review: The Daring Prey

The Daring Prey
The Daring Prey by S.J. Lewis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Return to Gordburg with another fantastic pursuit and capture tale. In this one, Alexa is back. She revisits Gordburg to beat the official time held by Elf-Girl. Alexa is more prepared this time because she went under a bit of training with Will. Will captured Alexa in The Novice Prey and treated her to some fun public humiliation.

Alexa is a woman with a slight chip on her shoulder. She’s usually second best and she’s tired of it. In Daring Prey, she is determined to be not only the winner of the challenge from her last visit, but the best girl to avoid capture. Alexa is definitely the naughty girl taunting the big bad guys and loving it. Some of her antics are pretty hilarious and only cause me to hope she gets caught and spanked hard.

Mr. Lewis does another excellent job of a sexy story filled with humour and hot kinky sex. He’s kicked up the heat in the dubious consent scenes and added in a bit of sexual variation which is much appreciated. His portrayal and writing from a female perspective always impresses me. Alexa is no simpering miss. She’s a woman who is sexually comfortable with her desires. She’s darting in and out of places, giving the men a run for their money. In fact, I’d even consider renaming this story to Darting Prey. The merry chase she leads the men is reminiscing of Elf-Girl in Female Prey.

This one however spends a bit more time exploring the kinkier side of Gordburg and what happens to girls who are finally caught. More specifically, girls who rubbed it in men’s faces how well they can evade a capture. The capture scenes are more graphic and delicious. It’s not only Alexa under bondage and discipline. The reader is treated to female Proctors going native and submitting to rough sex and torment. This book is highly recommended to kinky readers who love to be chased and then submit to the wicked ways of their captor.

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