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Deadly Sting
Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Why do men fear women who are strong? Owen has been a complete jerk. Yet Gin is still in love with him. Gin seems to pick only men who are not capable of handling her abilities. In Deadly Sting, Gin is still stuck with a very large target on her back as the underworld bets on who will kill her. It must be completely exhausting to constantly watch out for killers. Gin's luck continues to hold as she escapes yet another near death.

One would think two things would happen to Gin. Either she burns out from the constant fight mode she's in, or she hones her skills to a level where no one can take her down because every single way to end her life has been attempted. This story could be a rather tediously long tale of Gin fighting off death threats. Instead, a new player is introduced. Gin also proves she's still on the top of her game. This is cleverly done by Ms. Estep and will perhaps breathe new life and focus to the Elemental Assassin series. It's definitely piqued this reader's interest.

Ms. Estep does another good job of weaving a web of misdirections in this paranormal suspense tale. It keeps the reader engaged and wondering what will come up next. It also ties a few loose ends nicely and gives a way for a new story arc to begin. Hopefully in the new one, Gin will finally meet a man who is her match and will partner with her. Owen didn't do enough in this book to redeem himself.

Gin's flashbacks to Fletcher were a wonderful addition. It gives Gin a more human feel as well as show a young and frightened Gin. The contrast yet comparisons of young to old Gin give a lovely rounded view. It makes Gin more likeable. It also makes a reader feel sorrow for the hardships Gin went through, in order to become the woman she is today. Her hard lessons make the decisions she makes now, completely understandable.

This paranormal suspense is recommended to readers who love Gin and won't give up on her - unlike the men she dates.

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