Review: Desire in Any Language

Desire in Any Language
Desire in Any Language by Anastasia Vitsky

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Did you ever lust after a professor or teacher? In this book, Mira is an exchange student living in South Korea. She is being coached by a slightly older female who takes on the disciplinarian role. The book did a good job of showing how being in an exchange program could work. It was fascinating learning a bit about the Korean culture. I specifically enjoyed learning about the "dreaming" while the mother is pregnant. This is something I've never heard of before and I find learning about other cultures fascinating.

I am mixed about this book. I enjoyed the f/f theme as well as the discipline. That is pretty hot. What I didn't enjoy was the first person perspective of Mira. This is because I was under impressed by Mira. Her procrastination and excuses were annoying. I'm not sure why she was even mentioned to be a super star or rock star. She's more a prima donna. Never once in the book did it come across as her being able to deliver what she needed to deliver. Yes, she did turn in her homework assignment with the translation - but it was juvenile interpretation. It's probably my own pet peeve, but this type of character, I just want to slap upside the head. They waste their potential and for unknown reasons, people give them more chances. Since I didn't like the character it caused me to not enjoy the book.

I still ended up enjoying the book for cultural education and the theme of caning and spanking discipline. The writing style appealed to me too. It was a smooth and easy read. The descriptions of places were clear and easy to imagine. This book is recommended to f/f readers who enjoy discipline from an authority figure.

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