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Love at the Edge
Love at the Edge by Kara Leigh Miller

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The Romance Review

It is said that women run hot then cold. In Love at the Edge, playboy Vince easily takes the title for running hot then cold. He repeats this process several times at poor Krysta's expense. Krysta is stuck reporting to Vince which makes this another complication. How is this fair to Krysta?

In the previous two books in this series, Vince is the good guy, helping Ash out. Now instead of the shoulder to cry on, he's a cad causing the woman to cry. Ms. Miller shows us a not too flattering side of Vince. Vince's idiocy aside, the sex in this book it turned up. The naughty role playing as well as the hint of kinkiness spices this story up. A brush with menage leaves the reader panting and the railing at the denial. Yet again, Ms. Miller does a great job of describing every location so it's easy to visualize and feel as if one is there. The office, balcony, nightclub and cottage are all easily brought to life in the reader's mind.

The love story and conflict is a bit sadder this time because there were previous hurts that made a character more understandable. It makes a reader gasp with a little, "oh" and wince when a past pain is revealed. While one can argue this is just fiction, this situation does happen in real life. It never ceases to amaze me how cruel a person can be to someone they are physically intimate with. In this, Ms. Miller is true to a contemporary romance. Fortunately, this is a romance which resolves in a happily ever after. This book is recommended to romance lovers who love the sexy bad boy.

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