Review: My Wicked Nanny

My Wicked Nanny
My Wicked Nanny by Ann Mayburn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A must read book! Ms. Mayburn does it again with her smoking hot erotic novels. She is a Mistress of BDSM GlitterKink. The men here are wealthy in an amazing exclusive club. If I could work as a server there or a bartender, I think I'd easily give up my day job. They make more in a week then I make in a month.

This story is positively deliciously with sweet characters. Anya works for Jesse as his son's nanny. Through a mentor of hers, she learns about Wicked and applies to work as a waitress. Who knew being a waitress required so many background checks and tests? Anya passes with flying colours and starts her night off facing Jesse. Fortunately she's hidden behind a mask.

Jesse takes Anya on a fabulous BDSM journey. If only every newbie's experience is as good as Anya's. Jesse is a hot Dom who commands the scene. He doesn't get it right every time, but the ones he does, the reader will need a cold shower. This may be a GlitterKink book, but the BDSM are no SugarKink. Ms. Mayburn kicked it up a notch in this book.

I'm still so turned on by this book, I forgot to mention one of my favourite kinks brought to life in this book. Oh boy, oh boy, oh BOY! *fans self repeatedly*

"Let me tell you a little secret. There is nothing I love more than eating another woman out after she's been filled with her Master's seed. To taste the mixture of arousal is wonderful and I love how wet and soft a woman's cunt is, how swollen and hot, after a good fucking. Think about what it would be like to have Jess holding you while my mouth works your body. I bet you have a very pretty, very sweet pussy."

If this is your kink, well, it's a hot little scene after a delicious ass reaming. *oops, no more spoilers!*

Another passage which makes me think, is this a bad thing?

"I'm going to fuck your mouth, Anya, so next time you think about lying, you'll remember having to choke on my dick."

*Gasp! What lies can I come up with?*
This book is more than just the sex and exclusive club. It's a romantic story driven by two endearing characters. They are so good for each other. Anya helps Jesse relax more and not focus so much on work. Jesse brings out Anya's playful sex kitten persona. Even the fact that there are two young children in the story doesn't detract from this romance. In fact, it actually enhances it. This series is going on my Gateway to BDSM list. This book is highly recommended to kinky readers who love a romantic happily ever after.

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GAWD! Now I am hot and bothered.
@ Madijo - oh ho! like the little secret shared hmm? The question is, which position do you want to be in? *evil laughter*

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