Review: Of Yesterday

Of Yesterday
Of Yesterday by Alta Hensley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hippie pseudo Wiccan girl meets the Domestic Discipline Amish guy. This story is above all, a romance fairy tale. Taylor McKnight could be termed as an herbal entrepreneur if one were to be generous. She's more of a flighty con artist or a snake oil salesman is what they called it in the old days. She runs a foul with Jason Winters. Jason is protective of his childlike adult sister and feels Taylor is taking advantage of her.

With a lawsuit and hot headed accusations, somehow the two agree upon experimenting with domestic discipline and moving to an "alternative" community. At this point, I'm both skeptical and incredulous. I have to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the interaction between Taylor and Jason plus the Domestic Discipline. It's the fun spanking and anal which keeps this at a 3 star for me.

Here are some things that bothered me, and it could just be me and my analytical mind. This concept to have a place where it is using "old fashion" morale isn't exactly new. There was a movie called The Village which follows along this philosophy. The difference, the person who created the village in the movie was a multi-billionaire. I'm confused in this story, how Jason found the funding to create this village. Then I started worrying about sustaining it. The land is still taxed. How do they pay the real estate taxes? How do they afford to keep the animals? Where are all the building supplies coming from? Do they have electricity? It's almost like an Amish town, but not. The Amish still have interaction with the rest of the world through selling handcrafted furniture to support their community needs. Yes, these questions and more kept distracting me while I was reading. These holes in the plot for me were anxiety causing because I'm the type who likes financial security. Since this story is in a contemporary setting, I couldn't stop thinking how implausible this would be, even though I know it is fiction.

I recommend to ensure the world building is more robust when the storyline is set in current times. It will help keep the reader in the story and enjoying the plot rather than questioning - "how the F does this work?" Since it could just be a select few and myself who have issues with this, I didn't mark it against the rating.

As mentioned before, the 3 star is because I really enjoy domestic discipline themes. This one was light and fun. The punishments were more funishments rather than truly a discipline. Jason went easy on Taylor. I found Taylor to be a bit emotional and a drama queen. She wasn't a character I could relate to or liked. Jason was a bit too idealist for me. My favourite character was Jason's sister Mandy. She was childlike at times, but wise in matters of love. This book is recommended for readers looking for a light spanking theme.

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