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Stirrings by D.J. Manly

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The Romance Review

Can a vampire and human be lovers when there is so much ill blood between the two races?

Pascal the vampire is love with London, a human cop. Both work together in a joint race investigative law enforcement department. While working on a case together, their relationship is strained to the point of breaking. If they thought the test of their love was over, they are dreadfully wrong. A war is coming and they are unfortunately on opposing sides. Opting to be neutral territory is not an option.

This is the second in the Spectrum Skies series. Reading the first book is recommended because it took me a bit to get caught up to speed with the world building. Mr. Manly still does an excellent job of providing information to the reader if they haven't read the first book. In this world, humans have entered into an alternate world where "monsters" live. For some unknown reason, these humans feel entitled to the right to dominate and push their laws down on the "monsters". This completely baffles my mind and I'm not sure if this is a social commentary or not. I find the humans in this book completely deplorable and repulsive. I can't actually produce a single name of a human character in this book who I'd want to be a known associate.

This story blends a mystery with love interest. I enjoy this type of genre and Mr. Manly does a good job of incorporating both detective work as well as hot smexy scenes. His characters are easy to remember because he designs each one uniquely. Their little quirks enhance the story and bring humour to some dark situations. I believe my favourite secondary character is Felicia. Her sense of dressing style and snarky answers is hilarious. Mr. Manly's timing is spot on when it comes to injecting a bit of dry humour. I love this in an author's writing style.

I could have done with more world building to understand how everything works. I must admit, that could be in book one which I did not read. I did appreciate learning more about a character's past. Mr. Manly perfectly captures the sacrifices and compromises a person will make in order to keep a lover. This point hit home just a little too close for me. I felt it like a stake through my chest, wounding yet just missing my heart. Watching Pascal's true desires come to light for his lover London and the subsequent rejection made me wince in sympathy. It also vilifies London for me as well as increases my disgust for the humans in this world. By skillfully manipulating my emotions, Mr. Manly draws me into his world and I can't help but be entranced and left yearning for more. This story is recommended to m/m readers who enjoy a paranormal romance mixed with sexy suspense.

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